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As described on the Past Events Page, I entered the Engineering Profession by accident; at least I did so from the physical world perspective. In practice we “broad brush” each physical lifetime before (with help, of course) we come into the physical world to begin it, then the interaction and details come into play. 

I have always been interested in science, especially astronomy in the early days. The physical sciences were my preference, so engineering was ideal from that point of view. 

Unfortunately, despite England, Britain, having a proud engineering tradition and being responsible for many achievements in that field, as a Profession, Engineering is given, or treated with, the respect that it should. 

My introduction to engineering was via a Higher National Diploma Course at North East Essex Technical College, Colchester, Essex. I gained my first Degree in 1972, from Brunel University, Uxbridge, Middlesex. That was some years before Degree courses were “dumbed down”.  Apart from six, maybe eight, of the students to whom I was lecturing at a University and Army Sergeants taking a Degree (in all but name) level course at a Military College, I have yet to meet a student who could have lived with a Degree course at the level of my Brunel University course. Though I have not met a College Student who was completely comfortable with the Calculus. 

Higher mathematics is essential in engineering so my grounding in the subject is quite good.

My Degree Course took me as far as field theory in mathematics, though not as far as Tensors. I am therefore reasonably comfortable with much of the concepts and mathematics involved with cosmology and quantum mechanics, though would not even pretend to be able to handle mathematics at the level of the likes of Steven Hawking or Roger Penrose. That said, the ideas and concepts in Steven Hawking's “A Brief History of Time” present no problems and are actually surprisingly, or maybe not so surprisingly, compatible with my knowledge, experiences and understanding on my non-engineering, non-physical, psychic side.

In due course I hope to discuss the relationship of the physical to the non-physical, mainstream science and spirituality, in somewhat more detail on my Psychic Engineer Web Site. There is no hard and fast distinction between such matters so there will be a considerable degree of spill-over on My Other Web Sites.