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The future situation depends me making sure that the story of Lorelei and I is widely known, along with its attendant business value in terms of books, possible films, tourism and so on; hence the proliferation of Web Sites. 

After all, the current losses, based on the opinions of senior and experienced business people, are running as high as tens of millions of Pounds per day, compared with what could have been. 

Havant, Hayling Island, Portsmouth and Hampshire generally are among the heavy losers in the tourism context. However, the same also applies to Chichester, Sussex, Clacton-on-sea and other parts of Essex. Clearly the same applies to the River Rhine, especially in the region of the Lorelei Rock, the town of Bacharach and so on. 

So, it comes down to a matter of promotion and getting Lorelei and I better known than we currently are. Not that we are doing too badly in that context considering the connections to my first Web Site ( and its original version ( 

Other matters are being planned and will be added to this Web Site in due course, as well as my Journaling Site (

Fairly high on the list is replacing my photograph with a more recent one, the one used dates back to when I had a letter published by the Daily Mail. That was to do with reports about the Duchess of York, formerly Sarah Ferguson, and her involvement with a psychic.