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There is a great deal to tell, hence the diary of over a decade, the draft first book and those that will follow. For the most part this is from the early 1990s, though some before and continuing to this day. For easier reading and varying audiences of readers, this has been broken down into a brief overview with more detail for those interested, after that.


Apart from a brief event, more of a thought, in my early childhood, my non-physical, psychic side, did not exist, as far as I was aware, until 1979, when I was introduced to Ted Fricker, a Healer. even then it was very low key, at least compared with later years. the most significant developments came in the early 1990s, principally during, or resulting from, two visits to the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London.

During the first visit, in 1991, I experienced healing from Philipa Pullar, of The National Federation of Spiritual Healers, which developed matters somewhat. On the second visit, in 1992, I attended a Seminar on "Meeting your Healing Guides", conducted by Denise Linn of Native American Indian descent, specialising in spiritual matters, regression, reincarnation and so on. It was during the visualisation, which Denise Linn conducted, that I saw Lorelei for the first time, in this lifetime.

Soon afterwards I was told, and by other means it appeared confirmed, that my Lorelei was the Lorelei, of German Legend; she was not much like the Legend as usually perceived but explanations as to why and how will come later and are elsewhere.

By then I had developed a degree of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience, literally "clear seeing", along with the hearing and feeling equivalents. In straightforward language, I could see, here and feel on a non-physical level.

From then on events proceeded apace for the next for to five years. In a sense, the early 1990s was a crash course involving not so much learning as relearning, remembering, what I had known from other times, other physical lives, as well as between physical lives. although, admittedly, I did not quite think of it that way at the time, at least not in the early stages. What i was taken through during those years was fascinating, awe inspiring and, at times, humbling.

There were occasions when it was frightening, or close to being so, though these were few and far between. on a very few occasions I was taken close to my limits but never past them. Somehow, even during the most difficult experiences I knew I was safe. It was during those years that I read more about such matters, in particular books by Betty Shine and Richard Bach. In particular I developed an affinity with Richard Bach and his experiences, especially the Soulmate connection in his autobiography, "The Bridge Across Forever", though "Jonathan Livingstone Seagull" also made a great deal of sense to me.

It was also about that time that I told Leigh Reeds, a helpful lady who was, to a degree, my "Guiding Medium" for a brief period, that I intended to try to be "the British Richard Bach".

Other significant events from the early 1990s onwards included meeting a non-physical person in St Faith's Church, Havant, who turned out to be Jeanne D'Arc (Joan of Arc) and being introduced to a telepath in mainland Europe, though only telepathically, so far.

In 1996 my wife, Jo, had to go into hospital for a serious operation and, completely unbidden, Lorelei went to the hospital and helped her through it. That led to a connection between the two of them being alluded to but which did not become more obvious for a few more years.


More Detail

The early childhood thought, event, has stayed with me for over fifty years. I was only three or four years old at the time and had been taken to a nearby bluebell wood, Wistow Wood, near Ramsey in Huntingdonshire. The wood was close to Upwood, the Royal Air Force Station where we lived at the time. Although my mother took me to the wood on a number of occasions, I recall, on that particular day, looking up at a bright blue summer sky and wondering what was above it. I had a feeling of being in something, having been put into something, that was restrictive and enclosed; there was a slight feeling of limitation.

At the time that was just a passing child's thought, from my present vantage point it was a feeling of having been placed or come into something that was much more restrictive and nowhere near as free as from whence I came. That is not an uncommon feeling or experience. we do come from a far less restricted realm, each and every one of us. We will also return to it, though, in truth, are never very far from it, nor are we ever entirely disconnected from it.

Other than that event, I was always science minded, to the extent of, mistakenly, thinking, for several years, that science could explain everything. That led me to, almost, becoming an atheist, though logic prevent me from going that far. to know that God does not exist, as with any proof of a negative, requires infinite knowledge. To have infinite knowledge one would have to be God, or the equivalent thereof. So, I tended to rank, rate, knowledge, explanations, theories, "facts", in shades of grey rather than actually black or white.

This life was relatively conventional until I was diagnosed with Petit Mal, very mild epilepsy during my second year at Brunel University.

Except for a brief but notable event in my early childhood, my psychic side did not become apparent until from1979 onwards. it was in that year that I was introduced to Ted Fricker, a Healer. Even so, it was not until 1991 that my non-physical side really began to develop.

From the time I met Ted Fricker, there was often a non-physical connection in the form of a feeling around the top of my head. that feeling was strongest when I was thinking of Ted Fricker, or for other reasons, such as when I was reading "Yoga Meditation" by Richard Hittleman.

That developed through the 1980s until, while carrying out stress analysis for an aerospace company, in one of its offices, the feeling around my head suddenly became a small fire on top of my head. a healer who happened to work for the company confirmed that I was progressing.

In 1991 I attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival at the Royal Horticultural Halls in London. There I met a Philipa Pullar, of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers. From the healing session with Philipa, the sensation around my head became what felt like a small fire on top of it. The "fire" was then here for at least part of every day thereafter, until I met local Healers in Havant, Hampshire, a few months later, via a series of "coincidences"; there being no such thing as a coincidence, of course.

I also attended the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival, again at the Royal Horticultural Halls, London, in 1992, booking some seminars in advance. One of those was a seminar on "Meeting Your Healing Guides", presented, led by Denise Linn, who is of Native American Indian descent. that turned out to be, principally, a guided meditation, which I had no problem following and was seeing a country scene for some time, though I neither saw nor heard anyone, a Healing Guide or otherwise. Seconds after I resigned myself to an apparent failure i saw a woman's face just in front of my, in full colour and vivid detail. Apart from the indefinable sensation around me over the years, which I later understood to be her presence at times, that was the first time I saw Lorelei in this lifetime; it is also still the most vivid, so far. at that time, however, I did not have a name.

Other incidents followed that visit to London, though there is far too much detail to include here.

One of the most important of those, however, was when I was with Leigh Reeds in McDonald's, North End, Portsmouth. During those occurrences Leigh picked up, sensed, something which prompted her to say that my Lorelei was not just anyone by that name but the one.

During the early 1990s, there were significant, incidents, occurrences, every one two, three, or four weeks. Some, much, of it I found difficult to accept. If I did doubt, usually, something happened fairly quickly to convince me that I should just accept Eventually, i found that the easiest option.

I was never taken at more of a pace than I could cope with, though, occasionally, it felt close to the limits of what I could handle.

Although the incidents rate tailed off somewhat in the latter 1990s, and since, there have continued to be significant events.

There were "highlights", if you can call them that, such as when my father passed over in may 2000, in terms of what I was able to sense at times.

The year of 2004 turned out to be even more significant when my mother also passed. it turned out to be a very long process lasting almost four months. Early on I was given a reason for that and was the least surprised of anyone as events unfolded as I was frequently "updated". I spoke to my late father, spoke to my mother, in the non-physical sense (her physical speech having been lost due to a stroke), though, mostly, away from the Hospital, and, of course, :Lorelei.

My mother spent the summer in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Buckinghamshire. I travelled to see her each week via my brother's house in Oxfordshire. My brother and his wife ensured that she was visited every day, six days a week towards the end, twice every day at the beginning.

Not only did I meet the Doctor and Nurses at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, who were looking after my mother, I was also privileged to meet the Doctor on "the other side" who was in charge of the team helping her pass over; though I have not discussed that with my family, other than my wife, Jo, restricting such matters to my Healer colleagues and others capable of understanding and accepting.

I was told that the way matters proceeded was fro the learning of others. It also turned out to be learning for me but in a very different way. the experiences I had over though months amounted to many hours in total. I am intensely grateful for what I was allowed to share, see, hear and regard it as an immense privilege.

Those experiences are far and away greater in terms of quality and quantity than those of anyone else I have ever heard of. I am currently trying to find time to write them up for Dr Peter Fenwick, a Fellow Member of the Scientific and Medical Network who is researching Pre-Death Experiences. Previously, Dr Fenwick has been involved in Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and has a continuing interest in that field.

I have shared such matters with a couple of other members of the family but only those who seemed to be sufficiently flexible to accept. That is not intended as criticism, implied or otherwise, of other people in any way whatever. It is very much a matter of what you are used to, and I have the advantage of twenty five years of experience, gently in the early stage but an intense few years later on. it came close to frightening me at times. apart from the obvious emotions involved with my mother going Home.

The background to my understanding of all of this will be given on my Psychic Engineer Web Site and, in other ways, on Richard's Psychic Realm. There may also be something written on my Journaling Site. These Sites are currently being built and will take some time to expand to a sensible size.

Suffice it to say that, as real as the physical world seems it is not the ultimate reality nor the true nature of our being.