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Currently, I am less involved in lecturing, for the present, and using the extra time, between my clients, to develop my Web Sites, partly as a way of generating publicity to promote our story and use the proceeds of it to help other people.

Though I have several ideas matters are to some extent on hold while I find ways of promoting the story of Lorelei and I, and getting us more into the public domain.

I have discussed the business aspects of our story with very senior and experienced people. Lorelei and I are considered very marketable including, for example, being worth at least a ten percent increase on local tourism. That is quite apart from us being worth a very great deal in our own right. Unfortunately, the people who hold that opinion are, with one exception, more advisors rather than “doers”, those whose job it is to promote business and are paid out of public funds to do so but not discharging their duties in the public interest. The exception is a Business Link outside Hampshire, which is very much in the “doer” category. 

None of the business promotion organisations in Hampshire is willing to help except one. Those organisations include one that extends beyond Hampshire, though a great deal of my time and resources were used up in the process of endeavouring to obtain the help they should provide. That is despite being told by a Hampshire County Council Economic Development Officer (who was the exception) that such help was available, at least for writing a business plan which he could make use of on our behalf, as well as other people. 

I have asked the obvious organisations directly, the rest should know about me as a great deal, most, of what you will read on my Web Sites is an open secret across Hampshire; though as someone recently emphasised, not such an open secret on the Internet, which is precisely why I had to resort to Web Sites and the Internet. 

The County Council Economic Development Officer was correct in what he said; I should be able to obtain business assistance locally, from writing business plans upwards. It was just that the organisation in question, along with others in the area, would not, still will not, do what they are paid to do. 

As a result I am concentrating on the Web Sites rather than pursuing matters by other means at the moment. It comes down to a proliferation of Web Sites being my best option for developing my psychic side and promoting its tourism connection as an alternative path to engineering, though I still wish to retrieve as much of that as I can. Those are listed on the My Other Web Sites page.