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This page is intended to serve as a brief introduction to my background, though far more detail can be found on my other Web Sites.

The events related run from my childhood, thorough my involvement in engineering, the development of my psychic and healing side, and discovering that I not only had a Soulmate, Lorelei, currently discarnate, but that she was a Legend in one lifetime, albeit a misunderstood Legend, at least it is outside Germany.

There is much more detail in My Other Web Sites particularly the original Sites, though it is expected that the others will grow as well.

I joined the physical world, this time round, on 30th June 1946, in the nursing Home at March, Cambridgeshire, England. My mother was Joan King (nee Giddings) and my father was Richard (Dick) King, then serving with the Royal Air Force in India. My parents had met each other in the Air Force which my father had joined as an apprentice at Halton R.A.F. College and my mother as a W.A.A.F.

When my father returned to the UK, we moved to R.A.F. Upwood, in Huntingdonshire. It was during those years that my mother occasionally took me into nearby Ramsey and to a wood I simply remembered as “the bluebell wood”. During the 1990s when I was writing the original draft of my autobiographical book, “Remembering Lorelei”, she told me the name of the wood was Wistow Wood, which I then identified on a map of the area. While we were at Upwood, my brother, Martin, was born, in 1950.

After a year or so in Southampton we moved back to March, where we spent a large part of the 1950s and I started at Grammar School. We then moved to Clacton-on-Sea in Essex, where our parents went into the guest house and hotel business. My education continued at Clacton County High School and then North east Essex Technical College, Colchester, having entered the Engineering profession by accident as the School Careers Master could only suggest the Forces, Banking or Accountancy; neither unending arithmetic, paperwork, money handling nor a military career greatly appealed to me.

Although I gained a Higher National Diploma, during those years I discovered I should have and could have gone to University. As I had used up my Grant options on the H.N.D. course my parents financed my time at Brunel University where I gained a Degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering. I began a career in the aerospace industry, in Surrey, before returning for a part-time Master’s Degree course, in Non-Metallic Materials at Brunel University.

It was during those early years in Surrey that I married Jo (Josephine; nee Reed) who lived in Clacton and who I had met while at home from University.

Later we moved to the South Coast, buying a house in Havant, Hampshire. Though still in the aerospace industry at that time, I later moved into Engineering Consultancy, initially with a company in Hampshire and then on my own. While in private practice I succeeded, among other things, in helping a South Coast Company, experienced in composite materials manufacturing, to diversify outside the aerospace industry and triple its turnover in two years. This resulted in me endeavouring to set up a Technology Diversification Centre, funded with money from Europe, which my Proposal won.

Due to other events, this would have been a stepping stone to a major Centre at a London University, co-sponsored by a National Bank. I would have been Director and Associate Professor. Unfortunately, the money for the initial Centre was through a local Council who took the project from me and gave it to the Head of a Borough Partnership who took it off in a different direction and wrecked it.

I filed a formal complaint with the Institution of Electrical Engineers for multiple breach of Code of Conduct on the part of the Head of the Borough Partnership as he had the designatory letters MIEE on his Borough Partnership Business Card. The Institution wrote back to say that he was not a Member. Such basic and blatant dishonesty normally results in automatic dismissal or resignation. Nothing was done and the said person was left in charge of millions of Pounds of European Funds.

That episode did not do much for my engineering career or finances. Nor did it help the local economy in that I was on the brink of introducing companies to the region which would have resulted in at least tens of millions of Pounds worth of business, more likely hundreds of millions of Pounds.

During the 1990s, while building up my consultancy and trying to set up the Technology Diversification Centre, my non-physical, psychic, healing side came to the fore. There had been initial indications since I went to see a Healer, Ted Fricker, in 1979, at the suggestion of my Parents. That side of me really took off at two Healing Arts Exhibitions, at the Horticultural Halls, in London, in 1991 and 1992. After meeting a Healer during the 1991 visit I had a “fire” on top of my head for part of every day for the next few months until, as a result of a “coincidence” I met a local Healer Group.

During the 1992 visit, at a session intended to introduce participants to their Healing Guides, I met my discarnate Soulmate, Lorelei. I did not have a name at the time, just seeing her in full colour and detail down to skin texture and individual hairs on her head, plus a broad smile and the non-vocalised, “You don’t remember me, do you?”, along with the immensely beautiful and, ultimately, indescribable, but shattering experience of feeling unconditional love while in the physical body. Not long after that I was given the name Lorelei for her, plus, only a few weeks later, being told that my Lorelei was not just anyone of that name but the Lorelei, as of German Legend.

During the early 1990s so much happened in terms of my non-physical side that I realised, admittedly somewhat belatedly, that I was being put through a crash course by “Upstairs”; my term for those on a Higher Level than we presently are while in the physical world. Actually it was more of a reminder course as, during those years, it was very apparent that I knew much of what I was being taught, shown, before this particular lifetime.

More recent years have been a development of those years, along with trying to survive after having been turned over, ripped off, on the Project. That has included part-time lecturing at Colleges and a University.

In addition, having realised that the story of Lorelei and I had great commercial value, believing that it had considerable tourism value, both for the South of England and Germany, as well as having that confirmed by prominent business authorities, I have been trying to promote that, even give it to the region in which I live. Unfortunately, apart from an economic Development Officer at Hampshire County Council, plus the support of Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce (of which I am a Member), I am having to go out of the County to develop it.

This is explained in more detail elsewhere, especially the original Web Sites and the Lorelei and Tourism Web Site; please see My Other Web Sites.

From a personal point of view recent events have not been very pleasant. My father passed over in May 2000 as the result of the last, and most serious, of a series of strokes. my mother was unwell after a fall and breaking her arm while on holiday in the Spring off 2004, though another fall and broken leg followed when she had almost recovered, plus a severe stroke almost immediately after that.

I was privileged to have the compensating factor of many hours of experiences with my mother at the higher level, including a conversation with my late father, meeting the Doctor in charge of the team on the "other side" helping her over, plus talking to "Young Mum" (her more real, non-physical self) at the Hospital, in St Faith's Church, Havant and elsewhere.